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Subject: Roswell "I-beam" Deciphered: Fast uFo-ward 22
Came across this item on the web:
UFONEWS World Report Information Center
Bulletin: Dateline - March 1996
As reported on Art Bell's Dreamland radio program. Indian
Linguistic historian of Hopi and Apache Indian Nations, Robert Morningsky,
has deciphered the Roswell UFO Crash glyphics found on the I-beam piece of
the wreckage on July 2, 1947.
Robert Morningsky says that it is like you would find on a
poster. It is in this tone, that the message is marked on the I-beam. 
The message is roughly as follows:
"Female Warriors are Ready and Prepared."
(actual picture of "i-beam" showing glyphs):
section 1/1   file glyphs.gif   [ Wincode v2.6.1 ]
begin 644 glyphs.gif
sum -r/size 38574/9873
section 1/1   file glyphs.gif   [ Wincode v2.6.1 ]
^^^^^^Fast uFo-ward 22^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Date: Thursday, 28-Mar-96 01:14 AM
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Subject: Roswell "I-beam" Deciphered: Fast uFo-ward 22

 From: "George Barkouris" <>
 Originally to: "Mr Ignatius A Graffeo" <>
 Original Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 14:39:29
 On 27-Laq-96, Mr Ignatius A Graffeo wrote:
 > -- [ From: Ignatius Graffeo * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --
 > Robert Morningsky says that it is like you would find on a
 > poster. It is in this tone, that the message is marked on the I-beam.
 > The message is roughly as follows:
 > "Female Warriors are Ready and Prepared."
 > (actual picture of "i-beam" showing glyphs):
  As a Greek, i can translate easy this glyph. It says " ELEPHTHERIA "
 wich in English is the word " Freedom " (straight and upside-down).
  It is writen in an ancient Greek alphabet.
  E  = epsilon
  L  = lambda
  E  = epsilon
  PH = phi
  TH = thita (theta)
  E  = epsilon
  R  = ro
  I  = iota
  A  = alpha
  In the book 'L'ecriture memoire des hommes' by Georges Jean
 (Gallimard, France 1987) you can find comparative tables of ancient Greek
  |George Barkouris in Athens - Greece   |
  |                 |
  |Hellenic Radio and Television - E.R.T.|
  |E.R.T. A.E.                           |

Date: Friday, 29-Mar-96 02:51 PM
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Subject: Roswell Glyphs Report: Descriptive Notes FUFOW 25

Further investigative analysis of the Roswell Glyphs:
based on Robert Morningsky's impressions of the I-Beam writing. (see
previous posting of Fast uFo-ward #22 and George Barkouris' postings.)


       I believe you may have the whole glyph block. I also encountered an
error message (encoded line # 83 too short!") in decoding from a copy I sent
to myself. But I was able to get the whole block, despite the error message
that said the file might have decoded improperly. Perhaps I should give you
a description of what is contained on the glyph block.
       The whole block is a rectangular shape, a stone gray color. (I wonder
if this surface texture is a "tile" design!) Maybe whoever put it on the Web
used this effect to give more background so as to enhance the letters. At
any rate, it's the deciphering of these handwritten inscriptions that's
important. There are 3 lines or rows of Greek letters. The top line is
upside down. On the right edge there are some very small margin notes in
regular English script. I can actually read two words!  It says "Broken
Here."  I can't make out two other words, something like "progress ____"
These two words are very difficult to see. But the first two words I'm
positive about ("Broken Here").  There is an arrow drawn through the
backwards Epsilon letter and arching around pointing to the other Epsilon
letter. This gives me the feeling that someone also tried to translate this
artifact, and what we have here is a copy of the Saucer glyph on paper! That
explains why the inscriptions look hand drawn. That makes sense. I'll bet
that this represents a first hand sketch of the actual I-beam that was
probably later confiscated by the government in 1947, after the Roswell
       OK, anyway, there are some straight broken lines (scoring) above and
below the top row of letters (hand drawn). There is also a zig-zag vertical
line on each end of the 3 rows connecting with the horizontal broken lines.
This is sort of a crude "frame" around each of the 3 rows individually. Now
the letters in the 2nd or center row are the same as the ones in the row
above it, but are rightside up.
You can see slight variation in the writing, but the letters are identical.
This can be easily translated and is the Greek word 
"ELEPHTHERIA" which means FREEDOM. If you look on the left hand side of this
row you can also see some more hand written English script. I can make out a
"Bal..." spelling. It could be "Balance." And right below is "Cap" with
a short diagonal line pointing to the Epsilon letter. 
        I noticed some marks which look like bullets or large periods
repeated throughout the glyph and found specifically on either side of the
Phi and Theta glyphs. I feel like I'm taking a "crash course" in Greek! (no
pun intended). Now, these embellishments "large periods" are in a set
pattern. The middle glyph is the "straight" one. On either side of Theta
glyph (5th glyph in the middle row) are these black dots. It is also
repeated on the upsidedown row in exact order and representation. Theta has
2 black dots on its left and 1 black dot on its right side. Theta is the
symbol that looks like a circle with two parallel horizontal bands in the
center. This looks like a planet! The dots could be moons? We also have one
black dot on the left side of the Phi glyph (4th glyph in the middle row)
Again, this is repeated in the upsidedown top row. The Phi glyph has a
verticle band running through its center. I can't help seeing two
recognizable planets here! Saturn (Theta) and Uranus (Phi). This is only a
speculative guess. Another curious anomaly appears in the Phi glyph. The
vertical line is actually two vertical parallel lines cut short (like Uranus
spinning on its side). Looks very deliberately drawn because of the
repetition in the top row.
       The last row is completely different than the first 2 rows of Greek
letters. They appear to be a more ancient set of symbols, perhaps 
Arcadian/Lakonian or Kretan as you said, or Cyrillic (my note). The
arrangement of the bottom row is slightly different. We have two words side
by side but separated by a rough frame. They are identical and represent a
single word as in the other set. The left set of glyphs is upsidedown. 
There are 4 letters to each word. The right set contains a symbol that looks
like the astronomical symbol for the sun (circle with a dot in the center).
But on the 6 o'clock position is a short horizontal line or tangent. (looks
like a snail!)  This first glyph is "Omega."  The second symbol or glyph I
cannot describe in terms of Greek letters. It looks like the "astrological"
symbol for Saturn (a lower case "h").  The third is "Beta" (looks like
number "3"),  the last is "Iota." The closest approximation to how the
symbols look together as a word visually is "Oh3I." This has yet no
translation. But we have determined that there are just two words inscribed
on this glyph. The first word is FREEDOM. The second is unknown. The other
two words written upsidedown are the same as the straight set. I do not know
why this is so, or the need for it on the same block. Perhaps there is some
technical aspect or meaning, but this apect of upsidedown repetition is an
indication that whoever made this copy was simply recording what he
observed, as an act of historical preservation.

       We need to know some thing about the original source of this 
information. It is not the actual I-beam, but most likely was a  deliberate
attempt to record such an artifact by making an accurate hand drawn copy. 
The GIF shows signs of someone's earlier investigation (margin notes).  If
anyone out there has seen this glyph or knows where it originally came from,
please contact me. Information is the key to unraveling its meaning and
will shed some light on this 50 year old mystery. Roswell may be the
Watergate of the UFO story. Much can be learned about the purpose and intent
of the aliens, their relationship to mankind and the nature of the Universe.
The American people have a right to know the truth. The whole world is

Ignatius Graffeo

"Freedom is Participation in Power."

~~~The Roswell Glyph: Its message is FREEDOM!~~~~

item4: Date: Friday, 12-Apr-96 05:18 AM From: \ Internet: ( To: Ignatius Graffeo \ PRODIGY: (UEZB55A) Subject: Roswell glyphs As I stated before, Robert Morning Sky will be sending a reply about his interpretation of the glyphs, and I will post it when it is received. I do not assume to speak for him, but will share the information I have at present. I received the RMS papers about the glyphs in December 1995, about 4 months ago, just after the autopsy video was shown on TV for the first time. Robert's message to the public is that aliens have been visiting the earth since before recorded history, and they have never relinquished their control and manipulation of humans. RMS papers: "While I, along with other[s] . . . , sit silently aware of the truth of the Santilli tape, we believe that the ultimate result of the controversy will find the tape proven to be a hoax. [To stop the truth about aliens and UFOs from being accepted by the public] The UFO community must be discredited, all of the contents of the tape must be tainted, the powers that be must retain control over the populace. "I do not know how it will be done, but the tape will be, MUST BE, proven to be a fake." [BB Note: Although many think that the Santilli autopsy film is a forgery, it ***has never*** been proven to be fake. The question is, what would it mean to the 'powers that be' if the alien autopsy is proven to be real and they had to admit that extraterrestrial life exists?] At 08:25 AM 4/11/96 EDT, you wrote: > >-- [ From: Ignatius Graffeo * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] -- > >on 4/10/96 >Betty b wrote and excerpted this translation from >Robert Morning Sky: > >>"Those who are ready .... >> Those who are life destroyers .... >> Those who are Hawk Goddesses ..." > >The quotation is a cliffhanger... What is the message??? RMS papers: "They are 'Warrior-Conquerors,' a race from the stars that had conquered and claimed our world and our solar system billions of years ago." and "Could the Marines have created a more inspiring slogan?" > >>In my possession is a 6-page document (complete with references) >from >him in which he compares the ancient Phoenician, Hebrew, >Greek and >Egyptian heiroglyphs he used to translate the glyphs. > >You mean that gylph is like a Rosetta Stone? It's written in 4 >different languages? It looks like plain Greek to me. Why would ETs use Greek instead of their own language? Doesn't it make more sense to think that Greek and many other of earth's languages are derived from a common language? read on . . . . >Check any >encyclopedia under "alphabet." Any good edition will depict most of the >characters on that glyph. (2 lines on the glyph are just upsidedown >repetitions of the other 2! What looks like 4 words are actually 2.) RMS papers: "I suggest that Mankind's languages are derived from this original star language. And I suggest that the heiroglyphs on the 'I'-beam . . . are exact representations of this billion-year old language from the heavens." > >What does the rest of that 6 page document say? Is there more to this >translation? Please elaborate on it or share the full document with us >if this is permissable. Why the secrecy? One of the pages is a chart comparing the symbols, phonetic value, and sounds for each letter of the Phoenician, Early Greek and Classical Greek alphabets. Typical of the RMS papers text: "The thrid glyph can be recognized as 'Teth' in the Phoenician and 'Theta' in the Greek. Both symbols represent the hard 'T' sound. Clearly in Egyptian heiroglyphs, the circle with a horizontal line through its center represents 'bread' or 'cake'. And 'bread' is the sound sign for 'T': Budge, p.cxlv [glyph] [glyph] bread, cake t [glyph] = [glyph] bread, loaf, cake Budge, p.815a "In the Coptic alphabet, the letter 'Thita' generates the 'T' sound, while the Hebrew letter 'Teth' does the same: Budge, p.cxlviii [glyph] Thita - [glyph] - [glyph] Teth Budge, p p.cxlix "Arguably, the Hebrew letter 'Teth' could be said to be closer to the Phoenician 'Qoph', but careful examination of the two will show that the Hebrew letter 'Koph' is a closer match for the Phoenician 'Qoph.'" I don't know about you, but to me this is b-o-r-i-n-g!!!! It is enough for me to know that Robert Morning Sky and his peers know how to interpret these languages. Me type six pages of this here? I don't think so!!!! Betty Bland ~~~~~~~~~
item5: Re: "I-Bar" TRANSLATED??

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>Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
>Subject: "I BAR" TRANSLATED??
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>> Has anybody been able to translate anything on the Roswell "I Bar"????

>Robert Morning Sky, Native American from Arizona, has been able to
>translate the glyphs found on the I-Bar. He sent copies of his
>interpretation to several of the most well-known people in UFO circles and
>their responses have been positive.

>He has been touring and lecturing about his research findings concerning
>continueing extraterrestrial presence on the Earth, but recently announced
>his retirement from the professional speaking circuit. 

	Well? What was the translation?

John Nelson

Re: "I-Bar" TRANSLATED?? (Jesse William Leo Stuart)

Date: 1996/02/10

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In article <4fdm23$>, Kumiko Terakado <> wrote:
>John Nelson ( wrote:
>: (RISKERBAB) wrote:
>: >From: Patrick <>
>: >> Has anybody been able to translate anything on the Roswell "I Bar"????
>: >Robert Morning Sky, Native American from Arizona, has been able to
>: >translate the glyphs found on the I-Bar. He sent copies of his
>: >interpretation to several of the most well-known people in UFO circles and
>: >their responses have been positive.
>: 	Well? What was the translation?
>: John Nelson
>The translation was..."Please watch your head when you duck under this I-beam".
>another I-BAR read..."Don't forget to jettison waste materials"
>another I-BAR read..."Proudly manufactured on Jartravid IV"

You forgot the..."Your Jartravidian tax dollars at Work"

RE: How would the the average person react

From: (Kumiko Terakado)

Date: 1996/02/08

MessageNAME: 4fdkk5$
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newsgroups: alt.alien.research wrote:
: wrote:

: #if the gov't comes out one day and says "yes, we've got aliens under
: #nevada" i don't think a whole lot of people would believe it. 
: <snip>

: How many would believe it if the gov't came out and said we don't have
: any evidence at all for aliens?   Doesn't your argument work both
: ways?  We should all be asking ourselves what evidence would satisfy
: us.  I've gotten several emails that said that the person "knew" that
: the gov't had this evidence, so that no evidence would satisfy them.

The average person isn't really going to care one way or the other.
Most people can't even name the President or Vice-President. When
the govt. said, "Oops, we tested the effects of radiation on an
entire town in the midwest, sorry", did the average joe really give
a shit? No. If the govt. said, we've got aliens in Nevada, the 
average Joe will say, "Are those bastards paying taxes? No, that's
bullshit, why don't they have to pay? It isn't fair! Why are the
aliens getting all the breaks?" The facts are that the average people
don't even care who runs their government so why should they care
about aliens??

item6: Date: Sunday, 14-Apr-96 04:11 PM From: Ignatius Graffeo \ Internet: ( To: George Barkouris \ Internet: ( Subject: the second word George, Haven't heard from you in a few days. Hope everything is OK. I did some serious work on the second word in the glyph and came up with something, but it's in Greek! The correct orientation of the word on the glyph is the left one. The letters are: ishr (the second letter is "s" not "b" and the unknown letter is "h". The last letter is not "o" its "r"). [the "o" with line sticking out the top right) I checked this spelling in the Perseus Project, at Tufts University. I came up with 3 hits: ishretmos ishrhs (ML) ishriqmos (ML) These should have an English translation, but their program does not give the English, only in Latin. Please check this out and let me know. (private e-mail) Hope this is the missing piece!
item7: Fri Apr 19 02:24:45 1996 From: (George Barkouris) Reply-To: To: (Ignatius Graffeo) Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 02:24:45 Message-Id: <> In-Reply-To: <> X-Mailer: YAM 1.2 by Marcel Beck Subject: Re: second word Ignatius, this is a repost of a previous letter that i've send to you, but i don't know if you have receive it. so, On 19-Áðñ-96, Ignatius Graffeo wrote: > George, > > How's the old cryptologist doing! > Discover the magic word yet? Hello Ignatius! I'm thinking a lot on this word. Your opinion about it is correct if we look at the third word '(i)shrigmos'. This word means 'a high frequency sound', like the sound of steam in pressure. But have a look at the opposit. 'rhsi' . This word according to my lexicons means: 'saying' or 'word' or 'utterance' or 'motto'. 'rhton' came from the same root and means: 'maxim' or 'saw' or 'a sentence'. Try to combine these with the word 'freedom' and tell me what you think. We have to find the correct combination. I have something in mind but waiting for your opinion first.. I don't like to complete my thoughts here, something smells strange. Send me your number if you want, and i'll try to call you ASAP. I think New York is about 6 hours behind Athens, correct? > Speaking of which, have you thought about what we > will do with this information so as to get credit for it? The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to make your letters to them, public. That way you will force them for reaction. You can send some hard copies to some UFO magazines also. > Well, got to get back to work here. Keep me informed > on your research. > > Regards, > > Ignatius whaiting for your thoughts... see you, George
item8: X-Mailer: GNNmessenger 1.3 Mime-Version: 1.0 X-Attachments: c:\wincode\encode\hello.uue X-Attchment-Encoding: x-uuencode Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 16:22:07 From: (Ignatius Graffeo) To: Subject: hello Here's my reply to your previous letter: George, FREEDOM High pitch sounds: Alarm! Siren! Freedom Signal Sound of Freedom Liberty Motto: "Let Freedom Ring!" "Liberation!" what is your interpretation on the combination? Regards, Ignatius My Web site:
item9: From: (George Barkouris) Reply-To: To: (Ignatius Graffeo) Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 03:14:01 Message-Id: <> X-Mailer: YAM 1.2 by Marcel Beck Subject: Libaration! Hi Ignatius, The "Liberation" sounds good to me. But "Liberation" from whom? or from what? Or for who? I can not think of aliens traveling in Universe thinking of Freedom or Liberation. Difficult to express my thoughts. I think that the universe is unlimited, so where ever you go, you'll be free. Hope you understand what i mean... So i think that the glyph is very human. Maybe there is a kind of slavery out there somewere?? Some kind of war in space? hmmm... All this are too human and something is wrong here. Is the Roswell glyph something fake? If not, then the aliens are not aliens at all! Some ancient earth race? Possible, but in this case we are in trouble! If we (you and me) are close to the truth, this explains the mail problems. >Regards, >Ignatius See you, George
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