CYDONIA: A Quartet Of Poems

by Ignatius Graffeo

Cydonia, The City on Mars



Viking sent back to Earth the first photographs--

Broken and desolate, rocks strewn along the ancient river bed.

The god of war carved his niche in Earth's history.

Mars decimated by Nibiru, his face looks out and grins.


Schiapparelli first saw the canals & fired man's imagination.

Was there life on the red planet?

The Martian polar ice caps have been locked for eons.

Who knows what secrets lurk on the plains of Cydonia?

NASA knows.

"The D & M Pyramid" (NASA)



The passage of time has dried your eyes Cydonia,

Only your ruins remain.

Is there no one who will weep for you?

Your barren plain was once a vital metropolis,

populated by an unknown civilization.

Our satellite has brought back your picture,

But there is fear in man's eyes.

They cannot bring themselves to accept you.

Our beliefs must be rebuilt with larger pieces.

Offset, northeast of the pyramid complex,

the face looks out and appears too much like us.

"The Face" (Computer enhanced)



He sits on his throne proclaiming superiority,

A cult of arrogance pervades his history.

Truth and justice, twin victims of the New World Disorder,

Science and Religion, Ministries of Disinformation.

The Brookings Report of 1960 concluded:

The world revolves around the trades on Wall Street

Any astronaut can gaze down upon the earth

and see the golden calf.

"The Fortress" (NASA photo)



Here they are at the gates of a new Millennium!

Those who dispense the daily news feed them unending

reports of violence, murder, greed, and sexual obsession.

Televison reminds me of a large glass pill,

A brain-Washington of the masses.

Daily existence jammed in perpetual sitcom mode.

Mankind is shackled by his fear of the known -

Everything they know is wrong.

"The Face" ( NASA raw photo)


You are explorer #

Thank you for visiting Cydonia!

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